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Welcome to our Guam web page.  Guam is the ideal place for insulated concrete form construction. ICF constructed buildings provide cool shelter in hot environments like Guam’s.  They are also extremely strong so that they can withstand devastating typhoon winds.  In these types of structures, Guamanians can safely wait out the fury of storms in the comfort of their own home.

Guam’s Hilly Areas

This type of construction works well in Guam’s many sloping areas.  For example, ICF construction has an an advantage over the traditional Guamanian construction methods, which require the use of a crane to lift the roof slab onto the house walls.  ICF construction does not require a cranebecause the roof slab is poured into place.  It, however, requires a cement pump truck with a large delivery boom.  Hilly areas are normally not a problem for cement pump truck delivery booms.  The booms are usually long enough to handle pours in any area of the structure.  We used this ICF method to construct a complicated three story Makiki house.  This home that was situated on a steep slope. Click here to see the construction process, cement pumping truck, cement pours and other details.

Insulated Concrete Forms Building Materials for Guam

Contact us if you have questions or need to order any ICF materials for Guam.  If appropriate, we can a arrange to have a container shipped with ICF products to your location on Guam.

Others have had horrendous form blow out problems with low quality ICF product lines.  We promise you won’t have this type of bad experience with our proven quality IntegraSpec product line.


Famous Southern Invasion Beach,
Agat, Guam, Southern Marianas Island


Point Ritidian, Northern most Point on Guam, old WWII
B-17 Runways on Plateau Above, Northern Guam


Sunset at Inarajan Beach,
Southeast Guam, Marianas Islands


Fort Santa Agueda, Agana Heights, with Agana Bay, Hagatna & Tamuning in the Background, Guam

We are Seeking an Onsite Guam Distributor

If you are interested in being our Guam distributor please contact our office. 

We are looking for a Guam resident who has some knowledge of construction and who is familiar with the terrain. Someone who is already acquainted with the Chamorros and other cultures on Guam would be an asset to our company. 

We can provide our distributors with some training in the Insulated Concrete Form method of construction and in the IntegraSpec product line.

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