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in ICF Built Home, Sunset Beach, Hawaii
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Insulated concrete forms, ICF, construction method offers many unique advantages.  Three alternative ways, are available here, to learn about this very practical product line.  The first is an easy to read, fast paced, detailed PowerPoint presentation listing the product line’s features and benefits.  This information, is available free, by clicking here.  This presentation is primarily written for contractors.  But it should also of benefit to “do it yourself” builders.  If you need a PowerPoint reader, to view this, you can download one free from Microsoft by clicking hereSecond, for your convenience most of these product features and benefits are also concisely listed right on this page.  This page can also be easily printed. Third, if you prefer a short  Flash presentation, there are instructions for this located on the bottom of this page.


Innovative Construction of Insulated Concrete Forms
Hip Roof with 4-12 Pitch, Makiki, Oahu
Dumore Construction & Remodeling, General Contractor

If you’re a resident of Hawaii and are looking for a stronger, more comfortable, efficient home, we offer you leading edge advanced technology that make this possible.  Our insulating concrete form homes provide you the safety and security you need, along with design flexibility to easily meet any of your custom requirements.

     A recent Insulating Concrete Forms (I. C. F.) home of ours, constructed in the Makiki community, was featured locally on KITV Channel 4.  This report stated that ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) construction is the new trend in concrete home building in Hawaii.  This featured project may well be the first home in America which boasts a cast in place concrete 4/12 full pitch roof with three different ridge elevations.


ICF Construction of Roof, Walls and Flooring,
Makiki Heights, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dumore Construction & Remodeling, General Contractor

The multitude of advantages of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) construction are well documented on the web and in building industry literature.  This proven technology has a successful track record that spans over thirty years.  The insulated concrete forms, ICF, method of construction provides cost effective and energy efficient homes.  Expect to save big time on your air conditioning bills.  For instance you will need AC units only half the size required for a typical house.  Furthermore the energy portion of your monthly electric bill will also be cut in about half!  Insulating Concrete Form construction is also one of the most environmentally friendly construction techniques available.  This construction method also results in very quiet and very comfortable living spaces.  On top of all this, these homes are incredibly safe.  There is a documented true story about a house that was hit by a car moving at 90 miles per hour and then shortly afterward it was pounded with 165 mile per hour hurricane gusts with virtually no significant damage.  Since these homes are so more structurally resilient than other house construction, most home owner’s insurance companies will offer discounted rates for ICF house construction.  What is even more amazing is that this house construction is cost competitive with other types of construction.  There is absolutely no question about it, the insulating concrete forms, ICF, construction method is a better way to build homes!

ICF, technique is clearly the winner.  For instance standard timber or wood construction is low cost … but these buildings are not built to last, they have high maintenance costs, and they are vulnerable to termites, rotting, fire, hurricanes, flooding, severe weather and age.  Metal stud construction will not be hurt by termites and it does better with fires, but the metal stud method is still relatively vulnerable to hurricanes, flooding, and tropical weather.  In certain cases, rust can also be a real problem.  Building with concrete, without the insulating forms, results in a expensive water absorbing structure, that can deteriorate more readily over time, the living spaces are uncomfortable and clammy since heat and cold can pass through (it is a bad insulator) and this method hinders the installation of mechanical systems like piping and electrical lines.  The ICF, insulating concrete forms, method of building is nine times stronger, four times more fire resistant, three times more sound resistant, two times more energy efficient, offers nine times greater comfort, it is low maintenance, provides even temperature distribution and offers flexibility in the house’s design.


Insulating Concrete Forms Construction of Walls and Flooring, Makiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dumore Construction & Remodeling, General Contractor

The technical information regarding ICF method is as follows:  Flash Ignition Temperature 698 degrees F (370 degrees C) in accordance with ASTM D1929, Canada*, USA**.  Flame Spread 140 10 Smoke Developed over 380 300 *from ULC File CR1762, **from UL File R5817(A) Reproduced by Permission, BASF Corporation – Styropor Division.  Six inch concrete cores provide a fire resistance rating of 3 hours.  A fire retardant is added to Nudura’s EPS products during manufacturing.  Thermal resistance of R22 (6″ form unit) as calculated per ASHRAE 2001 Fundamentals Handbook.  Thermal performance of an assembled wall can be double that of a typical wood framed wall, dependant on certain climatic conditions.  A six inch concrete core provides a Sound Transmission Class Rating of 50.  Water Vapor Transmission: Water permeance rating of 3.50 perms-inch.  Wall design principle is a monolithic structural concrete wall.  Designed with reinforced concrete in accordance with accepted engineering principles.  Waterproofing/damp proofing and drainage as required by building code and that is compatible with EPS. Interior face of the Nudura wall shall be protected with a thermal barrier (typically minimum 1/2″ (12.7 mm) GWB) as required by building code.  Exterior face of the Nudura wall shall be protected with approved conventional exterior finish materials such as siding, brick or stucco etc.  Wall design in accordance with NES, ICBOES, S8CCI PST & ESI code agencies (USA) and National Building Code (CDN).  CCMC File # 9420/03131.  For additional information, you may go to any of the following websites: IntegraSpec ICF Products,Nudura CorporationAmeron Hawaii,Plastbaue Technology Insul-Deck andVBuck.

Remember Dumore Construction & Remodeling when it comes to insulated concrete forms, ICF, home construction or supplies.  Dumore Construction & Remodeling is Hawaii’s choice for ICF general contracting and advanced ICF construction supplies.

We also have a brochure describing the numerous benefits of the ICF construction technique.  This brochure in Microsoft Word format, click here to open.
In addition to the PowerPoint presentation previously mentioned and the information contained on the page above; There is an alternate Flash version of this material which be viewed by clicking here.  After reading the first page that comes up, go to the “Benefits” page and then the “Technical” page.

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