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Makiki Heights Honolulu home built on a slope with innovative 4/12 roof pitch. Roof, walls and floors are all of ICF construction

Innovative construction distinguishes this hillside home in Makiki Heights of Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. It has an ICF, insulated concrete forms, full hip roof that has a 12″/4″ pitch. It is three stories high. There is a garage level, middle living level and and upper living level. It’s walls and two levels of floors were also constructed using ICF styrofoam panels. There is also a hip roof above the second level which is also constructed using the ICF building technique. People have came from as far away as Canada and California to view this unique Hawaiian residence.



Pupukea home with excavation work

Sunset Beach home constructed in flood zone with a pool

This durable new house is located on the flood plain at Sunset Beach, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. It is innovatively built on eight foot high pilings. The floors, roof, walls and the pool are all made with the icf, insulated concrete forms, construction method. Some details of footing construction and excavation required for this project are shown in these series of photographs. Rebar details for the pool and columns are also shown in this series of pictures.

Nanakuli church wall & foundations

Honolulu home with beautiful concrete stairs

These stairs are for a home in the Lanikila and Nuuanu area. They have been stained with a Lithochrome acid color called FERN GREEN. Two coats of exterior sealer were also applied over the stain to extend durability of the coloring.

Renovation and Upgrade Pictures

Kitchen Remodeling

Living Room Renovation Project

Bathroom Renovation

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