Green ICF Wall Construction – concrete and rebar are permanently encased in insulating Styrofoam walls.
Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii
Dumore Construction & Remodeling, General Contractor

Green Design Build Contracting

As a general contractor we start the building process by working with an architect who designs totally green living environments.  He begins this process with ICF construction because he knows that ICF structures offer the highest R values in the industry.  High R values are very important when designing green homes or other green structures. 

Our architect then adds photovoltaic solar panels as well as other green features to the home or building. 

This finished design product becomes very attractive to home buyers from several standpoints.  First green homes help save the planet, second they are comfortable to live in, third green homes are great places of refuge, and fourth they save you money in utility bills.


Green Construction Process Detail, Foam Encasement Shown for Reinforced Concrete Wall – Makaha, Oahu, HI
Dumore Construction & Remodeling, General Contractor

Green Construction Saves You Money on Utility and Other Bills

Savings occur in these areas: 

  • Electricity and heating bills are often cut in half.  For Hawaii this is wonderful since we depend largely upon fossil fuels to generate our electricity and fuel costs can often increase unexpectedly.)  Click herefor an article regarding this matter.
  • Termites and dry rot treatment costs do not existent with these concrete structures.
  • Your house insurance policy is normally reduced for ICF (insulating concrete form) structures.
  • Possible federal and state tax credits for solar heating installations.

Interior View Completed ICF Wall Section,
Makaha, Oahu, Hawaii
Dumore Construction & Remodeling, General Contractor

Green Homes are Comfortable and Safe Living Environments

Environmentally friendly homes are more habitable and safer for several reasons:

  • There are several benefits resulting from the superior insulating properties of these structures.  First, living spaces naturally maintain comfortable temperatures.  They are cooler than outside on hot days and warmer than outside on very cold days.  Second, if you like peace and quiet, these living spaces will help provide that.  Or if you like to make noise, these houses help keep the outside noise levels down, so that your neighbors are happy.
  • Because of superior strength, insulation properties and weight characteristics, Green homes are much safer than conventionally built homes.  They provide a place of refuge in extremely hostile high wind environments like hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes.  ICF structures are also known to have withstood the severe dangers associated with wild fires and even collisions from speeding vehicles.

Fiberglass Installed Insulation Under Timber Roof Panels,
ICF Walls can be combined with a Timber Roof for Economical Green Construction – Makaha, Oahu, Hawaii
Dumore Construction & Remodeling, General Contractor


Green Construction Helps to Save the Planet

Green homes significantly reduce the amount of energy required for operation and this in turn results in a reduction of green house gasses that are released into the atmosphere.  By going green you help make the planet safer place for yourselves and for future generations.  Going green also helps reduce the United States dependence on foreign oil, so it also enhances our national security.

Vision for Environmentally Friendly Construction by USGBC

The United States Green Building Council(USGBC) provides the vision for the Hawaii (and nationwide) construction industry.  This organization has developed a program called LEED-H (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes).  This program gives credits for energy conservation and other environmentally friendly design features.

Rebates for Going Green 

Hawaii residents may qualify for rebates by installing green components (Energy Star) and systems (solar, heat pumps, fans).  Check it out at the Hawaii Energy Conversion & Efficiency Program website.

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