ICF Walls, End Wall Three Stories High, Showing Styrofoam Panels, Openings & Shoring, Nanakuli, Hawaii
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IntegraSpec ICF, insulated concrete forms, construction product line is cutting edge technology.  It is easy to use and offer greater flexibility than the older genre of ICF products.  IntegraSpec advanced products represent the end of several successful product development cycles in the ICF construction industry.  The result is products that are much easier to work with.  Flexibility is another beneficial result of IntegraSpecs innovative product development cycles.  For example these products can be utilized to construct ICF buildings that are higher than the normal three stories.

We service both contractors and home builders in need of IntegraSpec ICF styrofoam building supplies.  Contact us for additional details or alternatively you may refer to the manufacturers website located at: www.integraspec.com


Insulating Concrete Forms Wall Construction Details Showing Corner Installation Styrofoam Form Panels,
IntegraSpec Illustration, www.integraspec.com


Dumore Construction & Remodeling Truck with
Signage for Insulating Concrete Forms,
Leeward Oahu, Hawaii


Contact: Steve LeQuire, ICF Consultant

Company: Dumore Construction & Remodeling

Address: 1253 South Beretania Street #1501

City/State/Zip: Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

Email: steve@dumoreconstruction.com

Phone: (808) 216-9956

Dumore Construction & Remodeling can assist you with local residential requirements, help you with product and plan selection, direct you to available training materials & take your orders for the IntegraSpecICF product line.  A product line Power Point presentation is available here.


IntegraSpec is an Energy Star Partner – a program sponsored by the U. S. Department of Energy, DOE, and the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, which guarantees at least a 30% reduction in energy costs.

IntegraSpec is also a “Build Green” and “Healthy Home” recognized construction product that eliminates mold, mildew, and wins energy awards.

A two story IntegraSpec custom fabricated home near Perth, Ontario received the EnerQuality R-2000 Environmental Excellence Award.  The home was found to be 59% more energy efficient, during heating seasons, than other houses constructed to current building code standards.

The Portland Cement Association guarantees at least a 30% reduction in energy costs.  The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,HUD, has a free report on the “Costs and Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms for Residential Construction.”  The International Code Council(Authors of the International Building Code and the International Residential Code) also recommends ICF construction.

Pictures of various projects utilizing Integra-Spec products are available by clicking on the following link: Interactive Manufacturer’s Project Brochure.

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